Graphic Design Competition

Graphic Design Competition

While in all past politically instigated and electoral induced ethnic clashes the youth were condemned for perpetrating violence as ethnic warriors, what is less acknowledged is the fact that they still were the biggest victims and casualties. The majority of those who die, for instance, have been young people. 

Inspired Couture has partnered with A-Kay in a mission to involve the youth in fostering for peace and unity as we head to the  election period. Graphic concepts for the competition should be your original idea and symbol for unity across all tribes and political parties. Our first episode of this peace work has been rolled out to Egerton University as we look forward to doing it in all the higher learning institutions across the country.

Send your original designs to inspiredcouture@akay.co.ke. The submission deadline is on 28th April 2017. The winner bags a cool Ksh. 5,000.

The design theme is: Symbol for peace and unity as we head to the elections 2017.

Post your designs on social media with the tags #AMANIKENYA , #TRIBEALL, #THEAKAYWAY and tag us @theakayway and @inspiredcouture.



For more information, call 0736 366579 or 0729 768119

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