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The Polka Dot exudes a sense of nostalgia, memories of a forgotten past and that is just part of its outer appeal. It was publicized by the first Miss America as a polka dot swimsuit and the rest is history. A friend of mine shared to me how he felt the polka dot outfit is quite a risky choice as an attire for men. I, however feel this is a wrong notion, i believe that men brave enough to wear polka dots demonstrate a strong fashion sense and an ability to be creative. It pairs beautifully with most colors, bright or dull, and lets you stand out.

When I wear polka dots, I speak through them, rather than letting them speak for me. Dressed in polka dots, I’m always myself, but also in character; playful yet fashionable. I asked Phil Kenny about the best occasions to wear polka dots, and he wondered aloud about the suitability of wearing the print to a job interview. “Let’s say you’re interviewing at a law firm, you probably wouldn’t want to wear polka dots,” he suggested. Yet, “in other professions where you want to show you’re creative,” he added, “polka dots are great.” What about on a date? Phil said that polka dots make good date wear, because “they communicate a playful openness.

Photography done by Mose Murik at Egerton University, Njoro Nakuru campus

This outfit was designed and tailored by Jerry Santi. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jerry.brads?fref=ts

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Vivian Akeyo
20th February 2017 Reply

I love the creativity in your articles..way to go


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