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The INITIATIVE Fashion Event

The INITIATIVE Fashion Event is yet again bringing to you it’s much anticipated ...

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Graphic Design Competition

While in all past politically instigated and electoral induced ethnic clashes the youth were condemned for perpetrating violence as ethnic warriors, what is less acknowledged is the fact that they still were the biggest victims and casualties. The majority of those who die, for instance, have been young people. ...

A-Kay Top Stories - Graphic Design Competition
A-Kay Top Stories - Fashion Africa Voices – Accra Edition
Fashion Africa Voices – Accra Edition

In partnership with British Council Ghana and Hatch Africa, Africa Fashion Guide are bringing their mini-talk entitled ‘Fashion Africa Voice’ to Accra, Ghana this March 22nd during the British Council Africa Enterprise Summit. Fashion Africa Voices have a direct focus on business, entrepreneurship and sustainability within Africa’s fashion and ...

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Tied Up : The A-Kay Way

One trend from women’s wear that has finally reached the men’s niche is to tie a shirt, sweater  or jacket around the waist/hips. The chic detail is in line with the street-style trend and gives a casual and semi-informal look (to maybe an otherwise ...

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Blog Post

The Perks of Studio Photography

I have never bothered with studio photography. In my mind, it’s nice to shoot outdoors with natural light and with different backgrounds.  At first I was really hesitant and shy to be photographed. Good thing my A-Kay family was around to give me directions and motivation. It ...

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Blog Post

Beyond Culture

Limited by societal norms and religious restrictions, the Somali community (especially women) has turned into ‘dabster’ improvisers. I mean, you have got to make do with what you have.Ironically these aforementioned limitations have sparked not only crazy genius creativity but emergence of an era in which this community has ...

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